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From Dream to Reality

If I could have just one wish laced in a theme,
To meet you tete-a-tete in some forbidden dream,
So that we drift away in its shimmering light,
Far from this world’s gazing sight.

And then the dawn would come knocking rising all souls,
But you would refrain to break your repose,
For you would be scared to break the scene,
Shattering those moments avoiding to be grim.

But then I would come gently by your side,
Waking you to the morning’s pristine bright,
when you would find me there making you rise,
you would be reluctant to open your eyes.

The dream that you would have seen the night before,
It would find new wings and together we would soar.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


Every time when the world wrote you off,
circumvent you on a deserted trough,
And the moments when they wrestled you down,
and thought you dissolved to a point of no return.

You resurrected,
And proved them wrong,
Like a wounded tigress,
You came back more strong.

Not any different from the moon,
which slowly but surely bounces back,
from each and every lunar eclipse,
which tries, but fails to engulfs its face.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


I detested her presence,
And erased all her lingering essence,
Pushed away the reveries,
Shoved all the beautiful memories.

And after the ardent toil,
And battling with heart’s embroil,
I did a final search,
Doubting every possible lurch.

And to my dismay,
I found impressions of her name,
Casted on my mind like a permanent frame,
I tried hard to,
erase it all,
But when I failed,
I forced it to stall,
I wrapped my thoughts in a burning flame,
And from that moment,
things started to change.

Her shadow got dissolved,
And her image from my mind were finally absolved,
My mind was free from her humming sound,
And I was happy i found my newfound ground.

But when I was about to set free,
She appeared without any decree,
The wraps were gone,
The flames got doused,
Layer after layer,
She gently roused.

You could erase thoughts and assume victory,
But when the soul was consumed,
The heart would always be an open confetti.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

The Noise Within You

The voice may be a shade lower than the decibel of sound,
A frail trail of words that follows you around,
You search everywhere yet couldn’t find any clue,
For it was within you but you hardly knew.

You won’t find respite,
It doesn’t matter what you do,
Until you pause and listen,
To the noise within you.

It gives you signs,
Listen to its chime,
Give it a hearing,
And follow along this time.

For there is nothing like a speaking soul,
Pick the vibes that play your true role.


Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


She was,
Slowly but surely,
One step at a time,
Crawling away,
From all miseries and pain,
And from the precarious thoughts,
That put her in some entwined chain.

And now that she had escaped the cage,
She lost the past rage,
Her focus was on her new abode,
one brick at a time, cultivating hope,
Though the path was rough,
And it was not her playing trough,
But it didn’t refrain her to aspire,
For she had her world, she had her desires.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

To a Faraway Place

And to a place,
Under clear skies,
Where carefree souls jovially resides,
Where thoughts are clearer
than spoken words,
And minds fly higher than soaring birds,
Take me my mind to such a place,
Where truth prevails in heart’s embrace,
Where there is no space for lies and deceit,
And the only creed is human believes.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Don’t Get Deceived

She played her ruse and battered his heart,
Shattered but somehow he got to a new start,
And when he was creeping back from the rife,
She found her way to re-enter his life.

With some reluctance he let her in,
The quashed yearning started to spin,
The chaos, the love was by his side,
And he was riding high like a glide.

But one fine day she again vanished from the scene,
He searched everywhere,
She was nowhere to be seen,
His soul was ruffled and his heart was torn,
All he felt was like a left out scorn.

When one define happiness in someone’s eyes,
Often he is left in such disguise,
So keep your heart under your sleeves,
Don’t get so easily deceived.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

That Spooky Night

Her innocuous countenance,
Was giving away every shade of her curiosity,
And her pristine soul,
Had nothing to hide.

The minutest of world’s bearing,
Was making her jaws drop,
And those crawling creatures,
Forcing her to occasionally bloop.

She was awestruck,
Mesmerized by the valiant sight,
She was frightened for sure,
But equally thrilled watching the shimmering light.

In a subconscious way she extended her hand,
Holding her father she ran towards the stand,
The grip was fastened as if it was her only hope,
And looped around him like a entwined rope.

Such was the sight in that Halloween night,
Where colorful masks were making her to fright,
But amidst all the confusions,
Her belief in her father was the only right.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah