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His mind perpetrates to ditch her one more time, but his heart had other plans. And in the battle of mind and heart her unconditional love won. But she was perplexed, for she was unsure whether his staying was a boon or curse.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Her Grit

The clouds were darker than usual,
Looming over like a lurking beast,
The winds howling loud,
As if ghosts were gathering for a festive feast.

The evening was quieter than before,
The birds chirping with unrest,
The animals looking for shelter,
Every being’s patience was on test.

And in the midst of such cacophony,
Where unrest souls were scurrying for life,
There existed one girl,
Who stood tall to fight and survive.

She braved the gale,
Faced the storm,
Her eyes staring trouble,
Refusing to fail.

The squall dwarfed,
The fear tarnished,
The wind blew gently,
The cloud gave path to the sun.

From that moment,
Everything else became minuscule,
The world witnessed the truth,
That grit could defy any trivial beliefs.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

The Dilapidated House

The dilapidated house,
Was never visited,
And the ruins screamed,
With a distinctive eerie,
Keeping all souls,
At a distance,
From any anticipated mishap,
That might crawl again,
From the inglorious past.

There were rumors,
Of a beautiful lass,
Who strolled the village,
With absolute class,
Though unseen,
Yet she was labeled,
The epitome of grace.

There remained a tall tale,
That one fine spring day,
About a gorgeous girl,
Walking into that famous cottage,
Ever since that time,
No one saw her signs again.

I gathered some courage,
And entered the neglected bungalow,
The pale moonlight,
came through the cracked windows,
And it glittered the balustrade,
Still hanging from the stair rails,
I looked around,
But all I could find,
Was the trace of her beautiful signs,
Looming on every corner,
Making her alive,
Like some time immemorial divine.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

The Sensuous Allure

The desires of an alluring heart,
Never ceased to dream,
Your lips on mine like an infused libium of flowery seam,
And those eyes though looked strangely calm,
Yet love screamed through the unruly teardrops,
breaking every qualm.

I gently parted away from our winding embrace,
To kiss your tendered eyes,
To held that teary sight,
But those hands pulled me back to a passionate amorous skite,
And the imperious trembling sighs,
morphed into some sensuous sight.

Your fragrance was making me deliriously inane,
And our tongues locked like shining gleam,
The copious slobber spreading over our face,
and we imploded with nothing in between.

There was silence, but in disguise
And darkness couldn’t conceal a thing,
For our throbbing hearts,
were narrating gently,
every part of our yearnings.

There was filthiness yet it was not obscene,
There was hunger yet lustiness was unseen,
We held each other closely,
bonded like the meridian spiraling the circle of trust,
And we surrendered our souls
floating to oblivion,
as time came to a grinding halt.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Wreath on the Cenotaph

The wreath on the cenotaph,
Was a mystery to all,
Neither anyone knew who its owner was,
Nor the village was aware of the deceased beneath the concrete.

There was an awkward silence around the monument,
An unpleasant eerie,
The war was long over,
But the traces of past,
Were difficult to erase.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah