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Man Ki Baat

My latest Hindi Poetry on my YouTube Channel


Jhako Na

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iPhone Application Tutorial – Video 20

Phone App Creation Tutorial using the Xcode platform – In this video, you can learn about the following

  • Since we are using Add book Screen to Edit book as well, after Editing a book Add Book is not getting enabled – This video teaches you to do the same
  • Also, while editing a book the Reset button should take back to the display screen. Currently, it is assuming you are still in the Edit Screen – This video shows you how to do the same This tutorial can be used by Beginners or intermediate developers. Happy coding

As you are aware, I launched a playlist on my YouTube channel where I post a series of videos teaching “How to Code” in a fun way. The first series is about creating a Book Tracker iPhone App using the Xcode platform. The tutorial is for both beginners and intermediate developers. I hope you find it useful.

This tutorial can be used by Beginners or intermediate developers. Happy coding

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Thank you for your support and happy learning

you can see the. playlist with videos of the tutorial by clicking on the link below