The Last Scintilla

When Sanchez Roberto was thirteen, her father mysteriously disappeared. The family tried everything, but failed to trace him.

A girl named Rita was waiting for Benedikt to arrive in an upscale hotel in Sweden. It was time for the annual poker tournament, and Benedikt was a regular participant. She managed to get his attention, took pictures of a closely guarded secret map and disappeared from the hotel.

While it was not evident, Benedikt was sure that she was there for the map. The map couldn’t be compromised at any cost. He had to find the girl, unsure whether he wanted to find her for her misdeed, or for the uncalled attraction he had developed for her. He went after her, chasing her from Sweden to Zurich to Lisbon. But she was too smart for his men. Every time he thought he nabbed her, she escaped.

Besides Benedikt, there was another person who was following the girl discreetly, which she was unware of.

With the help of a friend the girl found that the map was a secret pathway. The first part of the journey was a voyage between three sea ports in the eastern European region; Tallinn, Ventspils and Gdynia. From Gdynia, it was a journey by road to Warsaw, ending at Viciebsk.  Though she was determined to be part of this journey, she was unsure how she would make it happen.

Would Benedikt be able to get hold of Rita? What was the secret behind the map? Why was Benedikt not ready to compromise it? Would Rita succeed in getting on the Voyage? Would Sanchez ever trace her father? Who was the person following Rita discreetly? Had Benedikt fallen for the girl?

THE LAST SCINTILLA is complete at 83,080 words.  Stay tuned to learn more about the book

By Shantanu Baruah



  1. I just looked at this. Hope you can get it published. The questions posed draw me in. Everyone likes a good journey. You wonder where it is going to go next. Intruguing. Are you any nearer to getting it published? Good luck with it

    Liked by 1 person

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